How to use this Web Shop

Sometimes getting your head around these web shops can be quite daunting so we have created this page to help with the overall use of this website.

Account Menu

Been here before?

If you've been to the website before or if you want to register, you can login or register by using the menu that looks like the image to the right.

Registering is free and does not take much time to do. Once registered your check out experience will be quicker and you will be able to track orders and view your history.



The first thing you want to check is that the currency set is correct. This is set to Australian dollars by default but if you are a New Zealand customer, you will want to change this to NZ$.

If you are registered and log in, the currency will default to your country of origin.


Where are the products?

The menu at the top of the page has a drop down menu to help you navigate to particular product categories or the main catalogue page.

To view the main catalogue page, click the "Show All Genesis Direct eShop" link from the drop down menu.

There are also menus on the left of the page once you are within any of the category or product pages so navigating around is quite simple.

Quick Ordering

How to order?

Ordering is easy.

Where the product can be seen there will be an Add to Cart button. Just click the button and the item will be automatically added to your order.

In the item summary windows (see image to the right), the Add to Cart button appears at the bottom. This one does not specify a quantity but don't worry, you update that later.

In the item detail window (see below), you can enter the quantity you want and then add to cart:

Item Detail

Once you have added an item to the cart a Success message will appear at the top of the page:

Add to Cart success

In the top right hand of the page you will see the Shopping Cart button which will show the number of items in your cart and the cost:

Shopping Cart Button

Click on the Shopping Cart button and you will see an overview of what is in your cart, go to your shopping cart or check out.

You can also click on the Shopping Cart or Checkout buttons in the top right at anytime:

Quick Links

The Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart shows the products you have ready to order and includes the price and weight.

Shopping Cart

If you added an item to the cart without stating a quantity, here is where you can adjust that. Just enter in the quantity your require and press the green button with the circular arrows to update the quantity and total. If you want to delete an item, just press the red button with a cross in it.

Update Quantity

Estimating your shipping cost

From the Shopping Cart window you can also estimate the cost of postage.

We have integrated with Australia Post in order to bring you up to date pricing direct from their website.

Click on the Estimate Shipping and follow the prompts.

Estimate Shipping

We offer a few different options but we may send via courier for some larger orders. You will not be charged any more for this.

Select Shipping Method

Once you Apply Shipping, your shopping cart will be updated to include the postage price.

Check Out

Once you are ready to complete your order, press a checkout button and you will be taken to the checkout window.

Here you can login if you're a returning customer, register an account, or checkout as a guest. For this tutorial we will checkout as a guest.

Checkout Step 1

Checkout Step 2

If your delivery address is the same as your billing address then check the box that says "My delivery and billing addresses are the same" and your delivery details will be filled in automatically.

Checkout Step 3

If you estimated your delivery cost from within your shopping cart then it will already be filled in here, otherwise the system uses the order dimensions and weight along with your delivery address to calculate the delivery cost.

Checkout Step 4

You can pay securely via Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer, depending on your preference.

Checkout Step 5

Make sure your agree to our Terms & Conditions before pressing Continue.

Checkout with PayPal - includes credit cards

Confirm Order


Checkout with Direct Deposit

Confirm order - Bank Transfer

That's about it... you will receive a confirmation email and be updated as your order progresses.

If you have any questions or issues, please drop us a line!